To: Scott Friemuth Norwis Realty 3590 Cty Hwy N Rhinelander, WI 54501
Dear Scott, We wanted to thank you for all of your help and expertise that you provided to us with the purchase of our vacation home outside Pickerel, WI. I think helping people to find a vacation property is much more challenging than locating a full-time residence. This is going to be your vacation home. The place you retreat to and go to relax. It needs to be as close to perfect as possible because vacation time is so precious. A realtor brave enough to take on this challenge has to have some special skills and qualities. There are three very important things that I believe are needed in a realtor, especially with the purchase of a vacation home; they are trust, communication, and a passion for the business. Trust is a difficult thing to establish with anyone, but is essential for a realtor-client relationship. You have to trust that your realtor will look out for your best interests, take the time to understand your housing needs, and find you the best value for your dollar. You need communication to establish trust. Your realtor needs to really listen to you to make sure he leads you to the best properties to meet your needs, not just make a sale. Being able to tell your realtor honestly,” this isn’t the property I am looking for” and likewise having him be hones t with you, such as “this place is pretty but the septic system isn’t to code and may need a few thousand in repairs,” is essential for finding the right property. A passion for the business wraps it all up. A realtor must know the market which he is selling, and must truly find joy in matching the right buyer with the right home. Based on your attention to detail, we knew you would be the right realtor for us. However, the unexpected bonuses of working with you were your native knowledge of the area, your patience, and your real passion for matching us with the right home. I truly felt that you wanted us to enjoy the northern counties of Wisconsin as much as you do. You went out of your way to give the citydwellers a whole education about septic systems, wells, and how to shut down a vacation home for the winter. You offered local knowledge from the best place to snowshoe to the most reputable furnace repair guy. But you never once made us feel silly for asking. Based on this very positive experience, we would recommend you to any family, friends or colleagues looking for property in Northern Wisconsin. You would also be the first person we would contact if we were ever to sell our new vacation home, but don’t you’re your breath on that one because we love it too much! Thanks for making a mid-life dream come true and helping us find our new getaway. We could not have done it without you or any other realtor.Fond Regards,Brad and Melinda U Madison, WI

Brad & Melinda U