Working with Scott at NorWis Realty was THE best experience I’ve ever had with any real estate agent. In fact, it was the best experience I’ve ever had with any sales or business transaction in my entire life. Scott and his staff at NorWis Realty are professional, trustworthy, and caring. I told Scott what I was looking for in a northwoods property. Unlike most real estate agencies who will try to sell anything (literally), Scott was extremely careful, thorough, and thoughtful. Whereas most real estate agents rush their clients into making quick decisions, Scott was consistently trying to slow me down to make sure that I knew I was making the best choices. For every ten properties I inquired about, Scott typically told me that nine of them were not what I would be happy with. This saved us both an incredible amount of time, and no doubt many headaches in the future. Every other realtor I’ve worked with showed me every property (even if it clearly did not meet my criteria) and tried laboriously to convince me that it was actually what I was looking for. Thankfully, Scott listens and matches up property with potential owners. Scott was also highly professional and patient working both with me and the seller. I have heard horror stories from friends about difficult dealings with sellers, bankers, and so forth. My situation was similar, but the difference was that Scott was helping me every step along the way. He did everything correctly the first time. He also helped me negotiate effectively and understand every step of the process.If you are looking for any kind of property, to buy or to sell, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Scott and NorWis Realty. If I ever look to “upgrade” my current property, I will call Scott to help me sell my existing property and to look for my new one. Thank you, Scott, Lynn, and Jesse for making my family’s dream come true and finding a great place in the beautiful northwoods!

Steve M