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  • Mortgage Rate TrendsMortgage Rate Trends
    The Best Way To Keep Track of Mortgage Rate Trends If you’re thinking about buying a home, chances are you’ve got mortgage rates on your mind. You’ve heard about how they impact how much you can afford in your monthly mortgage payment, and you want to make sure you’re factoring that in as you plan your move. The problem is, with all the ...
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  • Happy Easter!Happy Easter!
    Looking to sell your home?  Give the team at LLC a call today and let’s hop to it!
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  • Spring Market 2024Spring Market 2024
    If you’ve been on the fence about selling your house, this spring might just be the sweet spot. There are more homes for sale right now than there were last year, which means you’ll have more options for your next home. At the same time, inventory is still really low, so you’ll face less competition ...
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  • Homes Are Still Selling FastHomes Are Still Selling Fast
    Have you been thinking about selling your house? If so, here’s some good news. While the housing market isn’t as frenzied as it was during the ‘unicorn’ years when houses were selling quicker than ever, they’re still selling faster than normal. The graph below uses data from to tell the story of median days on the market for every January from 2017 ...
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  • Leveraging Your Home Equity to Ease Money WorriesLeveraging Your Home Equity to Ease Money Worries
    Leveraging Your Home Equity to Ease Money Worries and (Better Yet!) Build Wealth When you’re worried about money, it can feel like you’re the only person in the world who’s struggling to figure out how to pay for things. So it may come as a relief to find out that you’re not alone if you’ve got money ...
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