Hi Scott and the NorWisRealty Team! Sorry for the delay in responding. I was traveling last week. Nancy and I want to express our thanks for taking us on this journey. Scott, your patience and understanding through our property search was much appreciated. I know we had your head spinning a couple of times as our search scope changed, to you it probably seemed like on every trip up. But you held firm to our first wants and desires taking us back to the place that truly fit our criteria. During the negotiation process you went the extra mile for us. Nancy and I had budgeted a sale price that we needed to adhere to. With the owners coming within a close dollar range, there seem to be no way the two prices could meet. Then you stepped in to brokerage a DEAL! Nancy and I were very happy to experience customer service like this……………it was so welcoming. Then too top it off we were ready to close but the underwriter noted no railing on a portion of the deck that was 2-3 feet off the ground “safety hazard” Scott called to give the bad news. We had 4 days to repair the area. No time for me to fly to Wis. or call relatives or call a contractor to build a railing on 30 feet of deck. Nancy and I were all a miss, then Scott e-mailed and said he would go over that afternoon to build the railing for us. We mentioned to Scott we would pay for the wood and supplies. He said no payment needed, it would be on the house. Welcome to Rhinelander! Scott thanks so much for a wonderful buying experience and all the hard work in helping us find the lake house of our dreams!

Nancy & Tony S